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Book Description

In the past, leadership was something that was meant solely for monarchs and the elites of a certain pedigree. This is no longer the case in our increasingly fast-paced and interconnected world. In fact, there has never been a time in history or civilization like this, where anyone can rise to leadership, no matter their previous station in life. 

Whether leadership is something that can be learned, or something one is born with, mastering this skill is even more significant in today's world. We are called to be leaders every day, sometimes without even realizing it.   

In A Leader's Note To Self - 5 Things Every Leader Under 40 Must Remember, Kendal Wade dispenses with the  missing link that is essential in any leadership curriculum. This manual dives deep into what makes a leader effective without being overly theoretical and shows you actionable steps you can take to become a more compelling leader.   

Here's a snippet of what you're going to discover in this guide: 

•The “purpose finding equation” : A no nonsense guide to finding your mission with using the three pillars of purpose 

•Why discipline is important to a leader and how to hold yourself accountable 

•Establishing boundaries without being a jerk 

•Getting your point across and diplomacy in communication 

•Leadership etiquette 

• ...and more!  

Profoundly insightful and highly practical, A Leader's Note To Self is a book that sets a holistic standard for effective leadership and will provide you with a powerful framework from which you can lead, inspire and motivate the people placed in your charge.

About the Author

Kendal S. Wade was born in Washington, DC. He’s  an author, business owner, activist and a public safety expert. Growing up, Kendal was influenced by some of the most brilliant and successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and military commanders. In 2018 at the age of 29, Kendal ran for Sheriff against his boss in the most affluent predominately African-American County in the United States. Though a “David and Goliath” outcome wasn’t the case for Kendal, he never gave up hope. 

Inspired by his political exposure, accompanied with his entrepreneurial drive and a heart to serve others, Kendal wrote the ultimate handbook for up and coming trailblazers, A Leader’s Note To Self – 5 Things Every Leader Under 40 Must Remember.” Dubbed “Mr. Public Safety” by Black Enterprise Inc. in 2016, he was selected as one of the Top 100 Modern Men in America. Kendal was recognized by the Social Innovator’s Top 40 Under 40 and also received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Service from the Obama Administration. 

Jokingly referred to as the “Wade School of Leadership” this book presents a straightforward insight into leadership on every level helping individuals to authentically define, differentiate and systematically achieve their goals in competitive and ever developing environments.