Vision Statement

Safety is our number one core value. We are uncompromising in our commitment to addressing crime trends and socio-economic issues that threatens public safety. 

Mission Statement

To advocate and educate, while restoring justice and hope; to ensure that residents can have an equally safe experience while they rest, work, play and pray. 

About The Foundation

When Kendal ran for Sheriff in 2018, he traveled across Prince George’s County taking time to not only understand the needs of its residents but also to  develop solutions for their needs.

While the election results may not have turned out the way Kendal would have hoped, that did not remove the issues the county faced nor the commitment he made to developing a safer Prince George‘s County. Still filled with energy and hope, the #WadeCrusade volunteers shifted gears and developed the Kendal Wade Foundation Inc. Their overall goal is to fulfill their commitment and to continue the work they began to help the residents of Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland.   

*The Kendal Wade Foundation Inc. is a public safety awareness organization which is registered as a tax-exempt nonstock corporation with the Maryland Department of Taxation Assessments. For more information please contact  Lisa White, Registered Agent

Honorary Board Members

Douglas Gansler

Doug Gansler Kendal Wade

Free Programs

Active Shooter Response

Kendal Wade Sheriff Police Election Vote PG County Maryland Prince's County Maryland Law Enforcement

The threat of an active shooter attack is rare but very real. We aim to eradicate the “It can’t happen to me” mentality and change the way people everywhere respond to armed intruders. While there are no guarantees, having an established and practiced plan can greatly increase your odds of survival in an active shooter situation. We believe that individuals should be prepared for active shooter events and empowered to make their own life-saving decisions. If you think about it, we have a plan for almost every other kind of emergency we might face. We have a plan for when a hurricane is coming, we have a plan for when a tornado hits, and we have a plan for when the fire alarm goes off. Why do so many people and organizations not have a plan when it comes to the possibility of an armed gunman entering their public facility? It’s time to not only start anticipating man-made disasters, but to have strategic survival plans for those scenarios. 

Courses are available for:

  • Private & Public Schools
  • Corporations / Businesses
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Custom Training Events
  • Instructor Training

To register your organization for a free workshop please sign up below: 

Domestic Violence Self Defense

Kendal Wade Sheriff Police Election Vote PG County Maryland Prince's County Maryland Law Enforcement

We advocate and raise awareness when it comes to the issues of domestic violence. However, we understand that this epidemic is a multifaceted problem for both the offender and the victim. One of the most critical aspects and the first step in the crime prevention process is gaining an understanding of why, how, and what offenders do. To reach this goal, we must also considering your state of mind, your environment and other circumstances. By first analyzing situational conditions, we are able to make sure that self-defense punches, kicks, or escapes are applied effectively when it is necessary to defend yourself.

To register your organization for a free workshop please sign up below:

What to Do When Stopped by the Police While Driving in Maryland

Kendal Wade Sheriff Police Election Vote PG County Maryland Prince's County Maryland Law Enforcement


Everyone has rights, but also responsibilities when stopped by the police while driving in Maryland. Encounters with police can be highly tense and become dangerous, so we created this informational card to educate citizens. Please share this information with other drivers you know and if you receive a hard-copy of this card, please keep it on your person.  **Disclaimer: Ignorance to the law is not a legal defense. Driving in the State of Maryland is a privilege, not a right. There is no requirement that law enforcement officers administer Miranda warnings during every traffic stop. Traffic laws are subject to change annually. For updates please check with one or all of the following: The Attorney General of Maryland, the Secretary of Transportation for Maryland and or your State Legislator. 

Be advised the fore-mentioned information should not be considered legal advice. 

 To receive a hard copy of this card please contact us below:

Community Engagement

Kendal Wade Sheriff Police Election Vote PG County Maryland Prince's County Maryland Law Enforcement


Reaching and educating the community is our second core value. Advocacy is the driving force behind the Kendal Wade Foundation, from tackling major social issues such as domestic violence to community engagement. Our innovative strategies and grassroots outreach programs such as our “Community Advisory Council” and our “Town Hall Meetings“ on social issues are information vehicles that unite and help residents. 

  To partner with us in our efforts to reach and educate the community, please click the link below: 

Youth Leadership Program

Kendal Wade Sheriff Police Election Vote PG County Maryland Prince's County Maryland Law Enforcement


During a time where positive stories of young people are not as prevalent as we would like, we make it a priority to recognize individuals who are making a difference in and around the community. The Youth Leadership Program is a comprehensive program that recognizes youth who participate in both school and community activities by awarding them with the “Kendal Wade Leadership Award.” This award honors individuals who have demonstrated leadership, sacrifice, and integrity, and have made significant contributions to the advancement of other young people‘s lives.

To register someone to receive this award or for community service opportunities, please click the link below:

Job Placement

 We believe that unemployment plays a significant role in the crime rate, so by partnerInc with other companies and organizations we take a different approach on making our community safe by assisting people with job placement. Below are a few external links with recent job openings.

To work with one of our partnering organizations for a one on one job placement, session and/or to receive community service hours, please contact us .

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