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In 2018 at the age of 29, Kendal ran for Sheriff, considered a movement rather than a campaign his people were known as the #WadeCrusade. Kendal has spent his entire life serving others in order to improve everyone's quality of life. In the area of public safety he has set a new standard where politics, public safety, and policy intersect. He inspired the creation of the first Young Democrats Public Safety Caucus in America. Bridging the gap and healing the relationship between public safety, legislators, and the people that they serve. As a current Prince Georges County Deputy Sheriff with nearly a decade of experience Kendal ran against his boss winning the endorsement of his fellow Deputy Sheriffs in there FOP Union receiving 74% of their votes and the incumbent Sheriff received only received 24% of the Deputy’s support. Kendal champions to end poverty and domestic violence while safeguarding our youth and providing services for our seniors. 

Though a “David and Goliath” outcome wasn’t the case for Kendal’s run for office, he never gave up hope. After the election he wrote and published his first book, A Leader’s Note To Self: 5 Things Every Leader Under 40 Must Remember. He also launched the Kendal Wade Foundation to keep his promises to the citizens of Prince George’s County through his public Safety focuses programs and initiatives. Kendal Wrote his first and current programs that he has created to serve our county Kendal believes that he has the formula that we all will need in order to afford all of us the Freedom, Justice, and Equality that every citizen in Prince George’s County needs and deserves. 

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